Business Owners & Professionals


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We Understand the Unique Needs of Business Owners

Some firms specialize in families; others in individuals. But, as an independent business ourselves, Vision Wealth Strategies understands the unique needs and concerns of business owners and professionals. We know just how thin the line between personal and professional life can be.

Our team has decades of experience helping business owners:

  • Transition business ownership to other partners or family
  • Manage and complete buyouts
  • Transfer the business down to the next generation
  • Dissolve the business and equitably distribute its assets
  • Care for the needs and concerns of employees
  • Offer an attractive benefit package to workers
  • Maximize tax advantages and get the right tax deductions
  • Coordinate legal documents and activity

We work with your attorneys, CPA and other financial advisors to coordinate all of your business concerns and activities in accordance with your unique needs, wishes and goals.

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